Mehras Kiss [ (Magic!Anon), Mehras & Alexandre ]

(( This is before Mehra!Mod’s reboot of character. So may no longer be in current canon. ))

A Grey-Mage charged me with doing this task in order to regain certain functions, so please excuse me milady. *kisses the back of Mehras hand*

(( missing part ))

Such as those that are needed for one to survive as well as do other things, which I would not wish to offend your ears with.


…I am not a child or some poor frail creature that needs to be kept secrets from? I can perfectly well chose myself what will and will not offend my ears.

Very well then, the Grey-Mage cast a spell that caused a part of my anatomy to vanish along with all functions that it is a part of. Without being able to carry out those functions I would not be able to relieve toxicity from my body, which would have resulted in a very slow and painful death. Not a fate that I wish upon anyone.


You’re talking about your cock, aren’t you? Oh, for the love of Herma-Mora, you cannot seriously be suggesting that a healer can’t hear mention of what is a fairly important bit of anatomy? I’ve had more penises whipped out in front of me with the vilest of diseases than you can even begin to phantom. That you’re now an eunuch really isn’t the most shocking.

… Yes, I do. I am not use to speaking of such things in the presence of others, let alone a young lady such as yourself. It is something that I was taught not to discuss, both at home and the schools that I had attended, and even at my age it is something that carries on in me.